Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu

Hokutoryu ju-jutsu is the most complete, effective, and innovative reality-based martial art style. It is based on a traditional Japanese combat system that has been adapted to meet the needs of the modern society. Hokutoryu ju-jutsu combines correct timing of defense and offense including joint locks, holds, throws, takedowns, chokes, kicks, and punches to subdue or disable one or more unarmed or armed opponents. Training also includes defense against armed assault.

Hokutoryu ju-jutsu training includes effective martial arts combat techniques and different levels of fitness and streching exercises, making it a widely practiced martial art among ordinary citizens, police, military and security personnel around the world.

Junior Ju-Jutsu

Junior ju-jutsu is a form of Hokutoryu ju-jutsu that is devoid of techniques that are considered unsuitable for children. It provides a fun and encouraging environment for children to improve their basic physical capabilities and develop their social skills through various exercises with a partner or in a group. The actual ju-jutsu training itself consists of self-defense techniques as well as punches, kicks, throws, and grappling drills.


Kenjutsu refers to the traditional Japanese art of sword fighting. The style of kenjutsu we practice is Koden Enshin Ryu, which originated in Japan in the 16th century. In Japanese history, the sword was traditionally seen as the soul of the warrior and was believed to possess divine power. For these reasons, kenjutsu is one of the most highly respected martial arts. It is based on battlefield experience and practices developed by individual warriors. Educated warriors of the highest rank always carried a sword and studied kenjutsu above any other martial art.

Kenjutsu is usually practiced with a wooden sword (bokken). Perception of the distance necessitated by the long blade and precise timing of techniques are key elements in kenjutsu training. A typical training session consists of

  • 30% basic training: stands, strikes, and blocks
  • 30% kata training
  • 40% training with a partner: fast, moving techniques with contact + sparring

Training Schedule

Day Time Style Group
Mon 18:30–19:30 Juniors all belt levels
19:30–20:45 Hokutoryu yellow belts and above
Tue 18:00–19:00 Hokutoryu beginners' course
19:00–20:00 Hokutoryu yellow belts and above
20:00–21:00 Kenjutsu all belt levels
Thu 19:30–20:30 Hokutoryu yellow belts and above
20:30–21:30 Hokutoryu beginners' course
Fri 16:00–17:00 open mat
17:00–18:00 Hokutoryu diesel group
Sat 16:30–18:30 open mat
Sun 15:00–16:30 open mat
18:30–20:30 open mat

Beginners’ Courses

We offer beginners’ courses to both adults and children twice a year. The courses typically start in January and September and consist of one or two training sessions per week for three months. Enrollments are accepted for up to three weeks after the start of each course. The minimum age limit for admission to our adult courses is 15 years, whereas our junior courses are currently intended for children between the ages of 9 and 12.

Current and Upcoming Courses

Hokutoryu ju-jutsu
Started on Tuesday 23 January 2024
Junior ju-jutsu
Started on Monday 22 January 2024
Nonstop — Join us at any time throughout the year!


Membership fee for adults (ages 15 and above) 200 €
Membership fee for juniors (ages 14 and under) 110 €
Membership fee for diesel group participants 110 €
A membership fee covers a period of six months from either January 1st to June 30th or from July 1st to December 31st.
Beginners’ course for adults (ages 15 and above) 110 €
Participants who have paid a UniMove sports fee (formerly known as Sports Pass) are eligible for a discount price of 75 €. A six-month membership fee is always included in the cost of a beginners’ course.
Beginners’ course for juniors (ages 9 to 12) 110 €
A six-month membership fee is included in the cost of the course.

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